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Discover the World’s best alternative
to the traditional gym glove.

GRIPAD ® gym gloves are designed to sculpt to your body without suffering
from the nuisances associated with traditional workout gloves

Our Company

GRIPAD ® aims to improve the health of the world one workout at a time by making exercising safer, more effective, easier and, thus, more enjoyable. By maximizing fitness results and minimizing limitations like: calluses, blisters, sweat, odor, color staining, and sizing issues, GRIPAD ® grips will soon make all other traditional gym gloves obsolete.

the Story

GRIPAD® was born out of the bonds of friendship. Growing up in the same small town, three friends meet at the age of 12 and become inseparable. Sharing a love for sports, Roy, Barry, and Arthur each excel in their own right; track, tennis, surfing, and bodybuilding. The years eventually send them in different directions; different colleges and different military units, but the bond stays strong. Despite the distance, when one of them needed the others, the “brothers” came together to provide strength and support. That’s just what happened in 2003 when Roy thought of the idea for a new kind of workout glove. He knew he could design a pad that didn’t cause the blisters, calluses, and sweating that they were all too familiar with in their workouts and combat training. He knew there was a way to make a glove that was for everyone, despite age or fitness level, and could help improve health worldwide by making exercising easier, less painful, and more sustainable.

He sketched out his idea and called on Barry and Arthur to help him make his idea a full-fledged reality. 9 years later, after lots of hard work, research and development, what started as a simple drawing became universally patented design and a company with global distribution. Sold in over 30 countries, almost all 50 states, and growing exponentially each year, GRIPAD® is quickly cornering the market, and soon to make all other workout gloves obsolete. One great idea, some small town values, and military instilled discipline combined with their mutual desire to improve human health, made three friends and GRIPAD® a force to be reckoned with in the fitness arena and beyond. Stay tuned for new innovations and products soon to be released.


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