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How to Build Muscles Without Weight Training Exercises

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Personal trainers, scheduled classes at the gym, and body building websites are widely available to show us step-by-step methods for building mass and strength in our targeted muscle groups. If we pay attention to good advice, tune out the bad and dangerous tips, and make sure we stick with our training plan, a muscular body only requires a little bit of determination and patience.

But what if we lack motivation and our patience isn’t quite what it used to be? Is there a way to engage in muscle building without weight training? Or muscle building without exercise of any kind?

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Muscle Building without Exercise

If your goals are focused on muscle building without exercise or hard work, you may face a limited set of options that claim to work. These might be supplements, surgery, or miracle machines like the kind found in late-night infomercials.  Some of these devices promise to send electrical impulses through our muscles to make them contract over and over while we sit and watch TV. Others promise to break up our fat by jiggling us until we’re in shape.

Perfectly toned bodies without a drop of sweat have been a dream for generations. But unfortunately, easy solutions are still as much a fantasy as they ever were. If you decide to take any of these routes, be careful and keep your expectations reasonable. Research supplements thoroughly, and if you experience negative effects, discontinue taking them and contact a doctor right away.

As for devices, feel free to experiment as far as your budget will allow. It’s okay to keep an open mind. Just don’t be surprised if the items you order don’t work exactly as advertised.

Remember there’s nothing like hard work and the right mind set to get your body to do the amazing things it’s capable of doing!

GRIPAD Launched in UK!

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GRIPAD launched its operations in the UK and shipping is now available locally!

Check  out Gripad UK’s website: www.gripad.co.uk

What is Gripad?

Gripad is a simpler allternative to lifting gloves

Durable and comfortable, Gripad provides maximum grip and gives a natural feel as you work.

Gripad cusions the hand preventing soreness and caluses, as well as helping reduce impact on the joints.

Any sweat from your hand is absorbed by Gripad reducing discomfort and elliimminating odour.

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Gripad is worn in the palm of the hand

Unlike traditional gloves, gripad does not cover the fingers or back of the hand;

this alows the hand to breathe. The Neoprene padded surface of gripad makes contact with

the equipment giving a very positive grip.

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Gripad Key Features

  • Maximises grip
  • Cusions the hand
  • Reduces odour
  • Protects joints
  • High quality construction
  • Machine washable
  • Comfortable to use
  • Absorbs sweat
  • Reduces friction
  • Prevents sores & caluses
  • Durable for a liftime of use
  • Provides value for money

To Purchase

Buy Online Online ordering is safe, easy and fast. Payments are processed by RBS Worldpay.

Delivery is by Royal Mail.
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Gripad Launched in Chile!

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Gripad has established its first branch in South America!

www.gripad.cl to be up and running soon!

In the mean time checkout Gripad Chile on Facebook:

Gripad Chile Facebook Homepage

Gripad to be Lunched in South Korea!

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Gripad has launched its operations in the South Korean Market, and is already being sold on – the equivalent to  Ebay and Amazon in Korea.

Check it out:


GRIPAD Reviewed by Your Happy Hearts!

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Gripad Review and Giveaway

Tired of weight gloves which make your hands sweaty, don’t have enough grip, or just aren’t that comfortable? I have a great suggestion for you. Try Gripads. They are an inventive twist to your regular workout glove providing your hands breathing space, extra movement and a strong grip. They are 100% Neoprene and come in a wide range of colors.
I was given the opportunity to try a pair. I love how the pad is squishy, if I can use that word, and have much more grip than the average weight glove. It takes a while for your fingers to get used to something wrapped around them and your pinky not being invited to the party. When you are in position to do a bench press, barbell curl, or pull-up they are very comfortable. One thing I didn’t care for was the awkwardness of moving from exercise to exercise. I didn’t know if I should slip them off and put them back on right before grabbing the weight, or just keeping them on for the duration of my workouts. But I did like them for doing pushups as I felt a little more grounded and stable. I have padded mats in my gym and felt stuck down to them and knew my hands were not coming out from under me.
They work very well with machines, but personally I found them to be difficult to maneuver with my Power Blocks. When choosing a dumbbell from the rack, I can see they would be much easier. But for a Power Block user, when changing your pins, they seem to get in the way.

I gave a pair to a workout friend to see what she thought. Monica had a much better experience with them than I did. She found them to be very comfortable and something she liked using. She agreed there would be no sweating with the gripads like in a normal glove as your hands are much more exposed. She also felt awkward at first with her pinking not being in a ring, but could see how it was beneficial to the way gripad was made to work. She enjoys them and will continue using them in her workouts.

If you would like a chance at trying this new style of glove for yourself, then here’s your chance to enter. YHH has three pairs to give away.

#1 - If you are a subscriber to YHH your are automatically entered. If you want a second chance based on your subscription, leave a comment: “I am a subscriber.” (Leave an email address for contact or a random address will be chosen from the YHH list.)
#2 - Become a Fan on Your Happy Hearts – Facebook. We will see you have joined for an entry.
#3 - Check out Gripad.com and let them know what you think by leaving us a comment here for your third entry. (Remember again to leave your email address for winner contact)
You may leave a comment each day for even more entries. A winner will be selected after midnight on the 23rd of April. Good luck!

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