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Are You Overtraining?

January 20, 2012 | Filed Under Healthy Lifestyle, Progress, Workout Routines | No Comments

The word “overtraining” seems to be thrown about all over the place these days. There are so many different muscle building and weight training programs on offer, and many of them appear to totally contradict each other.

So how do you know if you’re overtraining? The truth is, everyone is different and everyone responds to weight training differently. One definition of overtraining is where you train your body above its capacity, meaning it cannot recover and adapt quickly enough to be prepared for the following training session.

am i overtraining

You may or may not experience the following symptoms when you’re overtraining. With some people you only have to look at them before they start training and you know they’re overtraining. Here are some common symptoms you may feel:

·You can’t seem to get any bigger (lack of weight or muscle gain)

·You don’t have enough energy at the beginning of your workout

·Your target muscles are still sore from the previous workout when you work them again.

·You find it hard to get to sleep and have a good night’s rest

·You have a general lack of energy throughout the day

·And in extreme cases you may feel depression and anxiety

If this sounds like you, before you start thinking about your routine, you should take a week off. Don’t train at all for one week. Your body needs the rest and recuperation time. You will find that the week after your rest week your body will be fired up and ready to go!

Now you have to look at your daily life and plan a routine to fit in. When you look at your daily life you need to consider things you can change,like your fitness, diet and rest time. What you do in your every day life really affects your workout.

Overtraining prevention is up to you. All you need to do is follow a few of the basic principals in muscle building. Quality over quantity, eat big including lots of carbs and protein and rest up between workouts. Good luck with your training!

Staying Motivated When Progress Seems Slow

October 24, 2011 | Filed Under Healthy Lifestyle, Motivation, Progress | No Comments

Your workout plans have gotten off to an excellent start. You realized it was time to get moving, you put a plan in place, and you’ve been following it to the letter. Your healthy habits are on track, your workout goals are realistic, and your support team is fully behind you. There’s only one problem: Your body hasn’t yet gotten the memo. No matter how many reps you do or how thoroughly you exhaust yourself, your body remains stubbornly resistant to change. The reps you’re able to sustain have not budged, your strength and endurance don’t seem to be increasing, and your fat is just as settled in and comfortable as it’s ever been. Those rolls aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. What’s wrong? And what can you do about it before you lose motivation and drop the project altogether?

Gripad Workout Gloves

First, remember that adding exercise to your weekly routine is a lifelong change. Exercise is one small part of a healthy lifestyle, not a quick fix for any specific problem. Just like breathing clean air, exercise is not a short term treatment plan. Instead, it’s a fundamental aspect of health and something your body both requires and deserves. You may not see changes during the first week, but that’s no reason to stop. If you’re getting frustrated, take steps to protect your enjoyment of the process. Change your routine to something more fun. And make sure your gear isn’t part of the problem. Your clothes should be comfortable, your workout environment should be encouraging and your hands and feet should be protected from blisters. Use your Gripads and choose the right shoes for your routine.

Second, be patient. If you’re giving your all, your body will get the message eventually. You may experience lags now and then, but if you stay on track, these moments will pass. Share your feelings with your support team or your trainer to get the tips and encouragement you need.


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