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What Happens When You Stop Working Out?

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It’s a sad but true fact that to maintain your hard-earned workout results, you have to stay fit by continuing to exercise regularly. In layman’s terms – use it or lose it! Without a doubt, you will eventually lose whatever fitness benefits you gained by working out when you stop exercising.

There are many misconceptions about what happens to the body when an individual stops exercising. The most common is that the muscles turn into fat. This, however, is a physical impossibility since muscle cells are completely different from fat cells.

when you stop working out

What really happens is that muscle cells become smaller or atrophy and fat cells become bigger. This leads to a change in appearance from firm and lean to soft and flabby.

The main concern of athletes or serious fitness buffs is how fast and how much of the cardiovascular benefits they worked so hard to achieve will be lost due to detraining. Researchers have found that muscular strength will return to pre-exercise levels after only four to 12 weeks of detraining. Muscle size is also reduced. This is why many people notice that their bodies are “sagging” after a few weeks of not exercising.

You don’t have to lose all your fitness benefits if you are forced to stop your workouts because of injury, school or office work or going on vacation.

Researchers have found that muscular strength and size can be maintained by doing one to two weight-training sessions per week. This is good news if you have to stop working out due to a hectic and rushed schedule. By doing just one weight training session per week, you can maintain your strength until you can resume exercising regularly.

However, don’t push this recommendation to its limits. You can’t do a once-a-week routine indefinitely and expect to maintain your strength and muscle tone. Be sure to get back into action as soon as you feel ready!

Why Use the Gripad Instead of Gloves?

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Experienced gym-goers know what happens when we grip heavy bars, handle climbing rope, or do multiple pull-ups without protecting our hands. After the first few intense sessions (or even the first five minutes), palms can easily become abraded or bruised. And even if we work out hard enough and long enough to develop calluses, it isn’t always pleasant to shake hands with a person whose palms are as rough as leather. Damaged skin can peel, blisters hurt, and every wound leaves us vulnerable to infection. For competitive or serious athletes, even small injuries can compromise performance.

Gripad workout gloves

Gloves can help protect an athlete’s hands, but at a cost. Gloves are bulky and uncomfortable, and they may prevent the skin from breathing and cause a build-up of heat, sweat, grime, and bacteria. When we’re engaged in a demanding activity that requires full focus and intense concentration, the last thing we need to worry about is sweaty, uncomfortable hands and a constricted range of motion. Hands should be unrestrained, skin should breathe naturally, and our minds should be fully engaged with the challenging task before us. Gloves play no role in this equation. So how can an athlete protect her palms from direct contact with bars and rough surfaces?

The answer: Gripad. If you’re ready to give a hundred percent to your workout, but you cherish your hardworking hands and want to protect them, peel off the heavy gloves and slip on a Gripad. The Gripad’s neoprene layer wicks sweat and moisture away from your skin, and the soft, durable pad stands between your hands and your workout, safeguarding your skin without getting in your way. When you’re finished at the gym, slip off the pads and head back to the office to shake hands with your new client. The Gripad provides a lightweight, durable form of uncompromising protection.

Weightlifting Myths for Women

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We’ve all seen the muscle bound ladies – professional weightlifters – who look as if they could break you in half without too much effort.  For many women, this is not exactly the look of which they are striving. Most women want to gain a little bit of muscle mass, get stronger, and in turn, burn more calories and stay fit thanks to the addition of a weightlifting regimen.  So let’s take a look at two of the most prevalent myths that are associated with ladies weightlifting and let’s debunk them, shall we?

Women will gain too much muscle mass – A popular conception is that women lifters will gain more muscle mass – they will bulk up – and look less feminine then, let’s say, their cardiovascular counterparts.  This just isn’t the case, though, ladies.  Women, unlike men, don’t have large reserves of testosterone, which is the important component produced in the body that allows for men to bulk up and get ripped.  In women, the stores of testosterone are naturally low and thus – even with an intensive training program that pushes you past the light weights you’ve been working with – you won’t see marked increases in muscle mass.  This will allow you to further tone the body and allow you to burn more calories, even when at rest and not working out.

Women can’t gain any muscle mass – Now, let’s look at the other side of the equation.  Have you seen the ladies Gripad uses to promote their workout gloves?  If you have, you know this quite simply is not the case.  They are toned, muscular while still retaining the feminine form, and truly, truly fit.  It is this image that can be both attainable and something to help measure yourself off of.  It takes hard work, but that’s half the fun – Pushing yourself to that limit, be it through cardio, weight training, or day to day activities.  And the great part about the Gripad weightlifting gloves are that they can be used in a variety of activities:  Dumbbell training, spinning, bench press exercises, rowing, back exercises, kettlebell exercises, biceps, triceps, CrossFit training, and so much more.

Try a pair today – It will allow you to get fit, save your hands, and participate in a true variety of activities meant to carve your body out of stone!

Final Reasons Gripad Gloves are So Eclectic!

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We’ve seen what the Gripad weightlifting gloves can do; from rowing to Pilates, and many things in between, the Gripad gloves are as eclectic as they are loved.  The gloves can be used for weightlifting, free weights, Yoga, spinning, and much more.  They aren’t just for weightlifters at the gym – The gloves are so much more.  Here are two final workout crazes that the Gripad gloves go perfectly with…

CrossFit – CrossFit is a carve your body out of muscle sort of a deal.  Its strength is in its diversity of exercise methods.  There is weightlifting, power lifting, gymnastics, rowing, plyometrics, medicine ball training, sprinting, and more all rolled up into one nice little ball.  It’s a unique fitness program that involves lifting strange objects, climbing rope, running, jumping, and other strenuous but calorie burning activities.  With all of the strange items to be lifted and the amount of strain that will be put onto your hands and wrists, it is imperative that you have protection.  The Gripad weightlifting gloves are the perfect addition to this rigorous and intensive training.  Without blisters and calluses, you will be able to focus on improving endurance, shedding pounds, and creating muscle with the CrossFit program.

Ellipticals – Elliptical machines at your local gym help to simulate walking, running, and climbing without having the same high impact issues involved as if you were actually doing those things outdoors.  Coming into being during the early 90’s, the elliptical machine allows for the user to keep his or her feet on the pedals with no high impact reverberation as found in running, or even walking.  The machines, thus, decrease the risk of impact injuries by providing low impact exercise for the user.  And again, the Gripad gloves will provide you with a sweat proof, non-slip handhold that will improve your performance without ruining your hands.

The Gripad gloves are not just for weightlifting. They truly are so much more. Check out Gripad’s website and buy a pair today!

Even More Activities the Gripad Glove Makes Better!

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The Gripad weightlifting glove can be used for free weights and the weight machines at your local gym – We all know this.  The glove can also be used for Pilates and spinning classes as well.  But there is more – The Gripad lifting grips are an eclectic glove that offers you protection in even more exercise settings…

Yoga – Yoga combines mental, physical, and spiritual disciplines in order to find inner peace.  Originating in India, Yoga has swept the world.  In the United States, practitioners of the exercise have reported improvements in musculoskeletal health, as well as mental well-being and overall improvements in mood, anxiety levels, and much more.  There are different Yoga styles to choose from:  Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Bikram, Iyengar, and more.  Each of these styles, while based off of the same poses, has a different emphasis for the user.  With the Gripad gloves, there will be no slippage on the mat and no excess sweat thanks to the Neoprene infused layer protecting your hand.  And the best part about it is you won’t even know you have a glove on your hand.  It covers your palm and a little bit of your fingers but provides the protection you need to tackle even the toughest of poses.

Rowing – Rowing can be a fantastic form of exercise, in the gym or on the water.  Specifically, at the gym you can use all four limbs and work the major muscle groups as well.  The rowing machine can be a great machine to burn a large amount of calories and lose weight effectively.  And you can burn calories in less time than you would on a stationary bike.  That being said, the repetitive movement can cause your hands the same sort of stress as lifting weights without gloves.  The Gripad gloves solve this quandary by protecting your hands from calluses, blisters, and slippage.  Try a new activity today but protect hands with the Gripad weightlifting gloves – The gloves are more than meets the eye!

What Happens to Your Body When You Don’t Exercise – Part 2

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Have you ever heard the old term “use it or lose it?”  That old saying can be applied to our muscles, bones, and even our bodies.  When we don’t exercise, not only weight, blood pressure, and endurance levels can be affected – Our peace of mind and body structure can weaken over time.  Exercise is such an important part of our daily lives that going without it can be dangerous.  Here — in part 2 of our look at what a lack of exercise can do to your body – we’ll look at its effect on bones, strength, and our overall mental well-being.

Strength and your bones – Over time – as we age – we lose both muscle mass and bone density.  With a strength training program, one can turn the tide against these effects.  But without one, your muscles and bones will weaken and may lead to osteoporosis and potential for further injury as you grow older.  Strength training, specifically, will stress your bones, which will in turn increase bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis as you age.  Strength training can also reduce your risk of injury, control your weight, boost stamina, provide energy, and help to reduce or improve chronic conditions/diseases.   Exercise is thus an important and vital part of not only our bodies, but our minds as well.

Your mental well-being – Speaking of our minds, exercise can help to confer a sense of happiness and a feeling of contentment as we look at our new and improved bodies in the mirror.  Without it, though, we can lose everything that exercise provides:  strength, happiness, mental well-being, proper eating habits, and more.  And without the natural painkilling high known as endorphins that come from rigorous activity, we may suffer in the mental health department as well.  Exercise is a very important factor is keeping us happy, motivated, content, and involved in life – So if you’re not exercising, start small and start slow.  In the end, you’ll be happy you did.

What Happens to your Body When You Don’t Exercise – Part 1

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Up until this point, we’ve discussed why exercise is so good for you.  But what about for those people who don’t have a regular exercise regimen that they follow..?  What are the possible detrimental side effects of not exercising on a regular basis?  In part 1 of our look at what happens to your body when you don’t exercise, we’ll take a look at weight, blood pressure, and endurance issues related to a sedentary life.

Endurance – Whether it be through running, walking, weight lifting, or any fitness program, exercise has the ability to confer a higher endurance level for the user.  Whereas household chores, climbing stairs at work, or any other physical form of everyday activities can be a breeze when you’re in good shape, try doing those things after a period of no exercise.  Your endurance level will effectively be curtailed, as well as your overall energy output.  If you can’t get to the gym or participate in strength training on a particular day, try a walk with your dog, a bike ride to the store, taking the stairs at work, or any other activity that keeps your fitness level up and your body burning calories.

Weight and blood pressure – Try this on for size…  When you don’t move, you burn fewer calories per day – Duh, right?  But here’s the kicker because without the exercise helping to shed both fat and calories for the day, you can gain weight very quickly. An excess of 500 calories per day added to your diet can turn into a gain of 1 lb. per week, which then snowballs into 4 lbs. per month added to your frame.  With this weight gain, you have a higher risk for such diseases as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and more.  In addition, if you’re overweight, exercise can be difficult on your body, actually stressing bones, muscles, and joints due to the extra weight you may be carrying. Thus, exercise is an important factor in how you feel, your health, and over fitness level.

In part 2, we will discuss bones, strength, and mental health and the effects of little or no exercise on each…

3 (Final) Surprising Benefits of a Regular Workout

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In our past look at the sometimes unexpected health benefits of strength training and cardiovascular exercise, we found exercise helps with a myriad of issues.  It helps you sleep better, slows the aging process, improves brain functioning, can improve one’s sex life, combats against chronic diseases, and can even boost your immune system and energy level.  As we end our segment on the benefits of a regular workout, here are three final reasons a good exercise regimen can help you feel better, get healthier, and look at yourself in a new light…

Reduces stress, depression, and anxiety – Did you know that regular exercise can actually help in treating clinical depression..?  Endorphins – released by your body when you exercise – help to trigger a feeling of euphoria and can also act as analgesics (which means they can diminish feelings of pain).  Medical research has shown that exercise can be an effective treatment for mild to moderate depression.  It can also help to promote relaxation and cut down on anxiety and stress in everyday life.

Improves confidence – This one’s pretty simple…  You look at yourself in the mirror and you might not like what you see.  A few extra pounds here…  A bulge there…  After a few weeks of proper nutrition, strength training, and cardio work, you look again.  Now we’re talking – Improved confidence…  Check.  Exercise can improve your mind set, your belief in yourself, just like that.

Builds healthy muscles, bones, and joints – In both men and women, as you age your body begins to lose bone density.  Your joints – as some of you well know – become more brittle and much less flexible as you become older.  A regular exercise program can actually help you to fight back against muscle, bone, and joint issues as you age.  If you start young – with a moderate to rigorous workout every three to five days out of the week – you can actually maintain, and even strengthen, your whole body as you age.

What Weightlifting Offers Men..?

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Weightlifting is a pastime…  We go to the gym to workout, get stronger, and feel better about ourselves.  It helps us to forget our work week or our troubles for a few hours at a time.  Weightlifting is a natural way to get fit, get bigger, faster, stronger, and feel a whole lot better for it.  Here are three reasons you may just want to get to the gym a few more times this upcoming week…

Increased strength – For men, weightlifting can be more beneficial than at first thought.  It can not only boost your strength, but can help to increase your metabolism and up the levels of testosterone in your body.   Testosterone is one of the more important factors in muscle growth and recovery after an intense workout session.   For those men with a limited range of motion and/or pain in the joints, weightlifting can help to improve the overall range of movement by strengthening their problem joints.   Weightlifting confers benefits above and beyond just strength.

Gives you confidence – Weightlifting not only frees the mind, but it confers a sense of accomplishment and a renewed sense of one’s self – It gives you true confidence.   To look in the mirror and to not only feel stronger, but to look it as well..?  That’s confidence right there.  It gives the lifter a certain peace of mind to know that your work in the gym is actually still paying dividends, even after your session is over.

For men over 50 – As men age, their muscle mass declines…  For every ten years in which they don’t exercise, men tend to lose 5 to 7 pounds of muscle.  As is the case with women and the healing power of strength training for osteoporosis, the activity of weightlifting can actually slow down the process of muscle deterioration in men.  And in many cases, it can help to rebuild muscle lost as well.  Weightlifting can lessen, or outright negate, many of the effects of arthritis, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, heart disease, and other maladies.   In addition, weight training can help to strengthen bones and cut down on injuries in older individuals.  In essence, the best anti-aging medicine available may not be taken in tablet form – It’s weightlifting that may just keep you healthy, free of injury, and boost your body and mind by natural means.

Why Weightlifting Matters for Women..?

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According to the National Center for Health Statistics, approximately 21 percent of women engage in weight training during their workouts.   This is a low total for women, and it is surprising, because of the real health benefits that come from an added strength training regimen.  Here are three reasons a strength training course of exercise may be just what the doctor ordered…

Fights osteoporosis – One in five women in the U.S. suffers from osteoporosis, which is a thinning of bone tissue and loss of bone density over the years.  Weightlifting can effectively help to strengthen and maintain strong bone structure in women, thus lowering the risk of the disease or helping to ameliorate the symptoms if osteoporosis is already present.   Younger women – in their teens or early to late 20’s – can lift weights and participate in strength training in order to slow or prevent the disease.  And older women can work through a strength training program in order to halt the losses in bone density that will  occur naturally with age.

Fat loss – As is the same with men, muscle burns more energy than fat does…  A strength training program added on top of a cardiovascular one will allow the user to burn more calories throughout the day – Not just during the workout.  This, along with proper diet, will slim down the figure and tone the body to create a new you.  This can help to reshape your body, boost your confidence, and make you feel better about yourself.

Increases strength and decreases risk of injury – Weightlifting confers a whole heap of benefits to the female user…  It increases stamina, improves energy levels, helps with balance and flexibility, and helps to improve the joints.  In older women, strength training can even help to reduce pain in those suffering from arthritis and can even help to control blood glucose levels in diabetes patients.

For those 21 percent of women using a strength training regimen, keep doing what you’re doing.  And for those who aren’t, take a look at the health benefits above… It might just be time for you to start.

Can I Get Some Cardio with That?

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Sometimes we can become so focused on weightlifting, we forget to add a proper cardio regimen – Or are too tired too.  Cardio can be anything we want it to be…  A jog around the park, a walk, cycling classes at the gym, dance, swimming, or sports such as basketball, tennis, or soccer.  Here are three reasons to add a cardio slant to your overall workout, as it benefits not only your mind, but also your body…

Improved heart health – One of the main parts of your body that will benefit from a cardiovascular routine is your heart.  Experts – namely the American College of Sports Medicine, among others – say that most people should work at about 55 to 65 percent of their maximum heart rate during their workouts.  And they should operate at this level for a good 20 minutes to an hour at least three times a week to see the effects.  To find your target heart rate, one must take 220 minus your current age and then multiply this number by .55 or .65 to find your target rate for the 55-65% range of your maximum heart rate.

Cuts down recovery time – For bodybuilders and novice weightlifters alike, a cardio regimen can actually help to cut down recovery and repair time for your muscles.  The cardio that is necessary to receive these effects tend to be moderately paced, less intensive forms of exercise, such as a short jog on the treadmill or light elliptical work following an intense weightlifting session.  In essence, this will bring more oxygen rich blood to the muscle tissue and help you to rebuild, reinvigorate, and repair much more quickly than if you’d just done weightlifting by itself.

Increases metabolism – High intensity cardio can help the user to get to an “anaerobic zone” of training.  What this does is it will create what’s known as oxygen debt.  Your body will then work hard to increase oxygen intake after the workout is complete in order to restore the proper oxygen levels to the body.  Thus, the stronger your cardio workout session, the more oxygen your body will use.  Eventually, your cardiovascular system will improve, and along with it, your metabolism rate will increase in order to help sustain it for the long haul.

Why Gripads are the Best Weightlifting Gloves for CrossFit Training

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CrossFit training takes gymnastics, weightlifting, rope climbing, running, and all manner of sports, and combines them together into one all encompassing carve-your-body-out-of-stone regimen of an ever changing fitness routine hand crafted for each particular user.  To fully experience everything the CrossFit training program has to offer, adherents will need access to an Olympic weight set, gymnastic rings, plyometric boxes (or jump boxes), medicine balls, dumbbells, kettle bells, climbing rope, Concept II Rowers, and Gymnastics parallettes, which are similar to push-up bars or dip bars.

These workouts aren’t going to be your run of the mill gym exercises – The CrossFit program will be about as demanding as you have ever seen and has been known to test the will and endurance of some of the world’s most renowned athletes.  So – you ask yourself – how can you get the most out of this rigorous and taxing training without suffering injury or early defeat..?  And the answer:  Use the Gripad weightlifting glove to save your hands, your body, and your mind as you embark on maybe the toughest training you will ever endure…  Period.

You’re going to be sweating…  A lot.  There’s no getting around that.  And for a good portion of the workouts, you’re going to be lifting weights and other odd shaped extremely heavy objects.  With Gripads Neoprene layer of protection built into every workout glove, the sweat will be wicked away and your grip will stay perfect – Every time.  Your hands will stay dry and your grip won’t slip…  Ever.

These types of weights, bars, and objects you’ll be dealing with may not be all that hand-friendly.  And by that, we mean, you may be facing blisters, calluses, and sore hands from the get-go – The type of activities in CrossFit training will all but assure you of that.  So you need some kind of glove to protect those hands of yours.  With Gripads weightlifting grips, there are no worries.  It’s not a big, bulky gym grip that is going to interfere with your workout.  It covers the palm of the hand and provides protection against wear and tear, while still giving you the grip you need to accomplish even the toughest of tasks.

With an exercise regimen this intense, you need the best weightlifting gloves around to protect you – And Gripad’s got you covered.  With your hands protected, you can focus on what’s important – Carving your body into stone, being physically and emotionally fit, and most important, being healthy.

3 Surprising Benefits of a Regular Workout

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We’ve all been told how good it is to include regular physical activity in our daily lives.  But do we know the extent of how much we are actually gaining from these workouts..?  Here are three surprising benefits of a regular, three to four times a week, course of moderate to vigorous activity…

Improves sex life – Say what?  Regular activity can increase sexual drive and satisfaction.  A corollary benefit is that men who exercise on a regular basis are less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction, as compared to men who don’t keep up a regular exercise routine.   How’s that for an exercise benefit, guys?

Boosts your immune system and energy level – The benefits of exercise extend to your immune system and energy level.  A steady diet of exercise can actually stave off the decline in one’s immune system, due to the advancing of age.  It’s been found that jogging, walking, cycling or other aerobic activity in men can slow this process down.  As you are strengthening your immune system, you are actually giving yourself an energy boost at the same time, sending much needed oxygen and nutrients to your tissues.  In the end, working out on a regular basis helps your entire cardiovascular system to operate at its peak potential while providing immediate gains in energy level for the day.

Exercise combats chronic diseases – It’s not just the immune system that a good workout stimulates.  A regular workout can help to lower high blood pressure, curb heart disease, and lower bad cholesterol.  A regular workout regimen boosts high-density lipoprotein (HDL) – which is the good cholesterol your body needs – and effectively cuts down on triglycerides.  This helps to lower plaque buildup within your arteries and lets you live a longer, fuller life.

On top of all this, regular exercise has been proven to help reduce the risk – or help to out and out prevent – type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, colon cancer, breast cancer, stroke, heart attack, and even arthritis.  So get your GRIPAD workout gloves, schedule a workout session three to four times a week, and realize you won’t just be looking and feeling better – You may actually by saving your life with only a slight bit of effort needed.


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