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Weightlifting Myths for Men

August 7, 2011 | Filed Under Weightlifting | No Comments

In our previous post, we took a look at myths related to women and weightlifting.  We debunked the fact that women will gain too much muscle (due to a lack of muscle producing reserve of testosterone) and that, in fact, women can gain muscle in the first place.  Many of the same myths that apply to women lifters also have made their rounds in the male dominated sport as well.  Here are a few myths that can be debunked so that more people – both men and women – can get in to the gym and enjoy themselves, while at the same time getting the results that they desire…

Weightlifting make you BIG – Like with women bodybuilders, we’ve seen the men in the World’s Strongest Man Competition or the Mr. America bodybuilding contest and we think to ourselves I might not want to look that ripped.  So, if I step into the gym, am I going to gain twenty pounds of muscle and look like Arnold Schwarzenegger?  Short answer: No.  Muscle, in fact, is denser than fat – Which means that you will actually look slimmer at the same exact body weight if you were to increase your muscle mass.  It also involves the fact that muscle burns calories more readily than fat and the more calories you burn, the less you actually weigh.  To get truly big – if that’s your goal for going to the gym – the intensive process involves a majority of time at the gym along with eating the right foods and taking the right supplements to grow those muscles.  Otherwise, if you’re looking to become healthier and stronger, weightlifting can help you not only do that, but get your body to look much more toned as well.

Weightlifting is BORING – Getting results that you want is far from boring.  Yes, sometimes there is hard work involved.  And yes, there are often obstacles to our progress.  But going to the gym – for many people – can be like a vacation from reality.  Work, family, and other concerns fade away as you focus on your workout.  The time at the gym is your time.  You get the endorphins pumping through that brain of yours, through a cardio and weightlifting regimen, and you start feeling like you can do anything.  You can change your routine, focus on different aspects of it, work on adding weight, and analyze how the next set is going to go.  Weightlifting is anything but boring.  So go ahead – Get into the gym, start working hard, and watch as the pounds fly off and the results speak for themselves!

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